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Autumn Term

13th November to 24th November 

  • We will be learning all about Diwali.
  • We will learn about why and how people celebrate Diwali, looking at special items in our treasure baskets.
  • As part of a physical development we will be taking part in Diwali dance and yoga, copying movements and stretches as well as using dance ribbons.
  • We will look closely at Diva lights and have the opportunity to use salt dough to create our own.
  • We will use big drums to explore and copy patterns, beats and rhythms, investigating how we can play the drums fast and slow, loudly and quietly.
  • We will also be listening carefully to sound we can make with our voice, matching actions to the sounds we create.

30th October to 10th November

  • We will be learning about Halloween, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day.
  • For Halloween, we will be dressing up and having some spooky fun around the Nursery. We will be listening to the story We’re Going on a Pumpkin Hunt and will go on our own Halloween hunt around the garden.
  • We will be learning how to keep safe on Bonfire Night. We will be exploring the sounds that fireworks make; trying to make firework sounds with our voices and instruments and  exploring different ways to make firework art.
  • We will be practising our counting skills by counting spiders in their webs and looking closely at the different amounts and comparing which has more or fewer spiders hiding in it.
  • For Remembrance Day we will explore poppies and think about why we wear them in November. We will walk to the cenotaph to lay coins on a giant poppy as well as making our own poppies at Nursery.
  • Some stories we will be listening to are: Hovis The Hedgehog, Bonfire Night and Pumpkin Soup.

9th October to 19th October 

  • We will be learning about Autumn and the changes that happen in this season. We will be going on an Autumn Walk to look for the signs of Autumn around us.
  • We will be exploring the sounds instruments make and playing games where we have to listen carefully to the sound and try to find and play the matching instrument. 
  • We will be reading books about Marcus Rashford and Rosa Parks, along with other stories, as we learn about Black History Month.
  • We will be singing a Hello song each day to greet our friends and share about how we are feeling when we get to Nursery. We will also learn another song to say Goodbye at the end of the day. 
  • We will put into practice our “I can do it!” affirmation as we develop our independence putting on and taking off our coats, along with trying to master doing up a zip. 
  • We will be practising our counting skills to 10, counting up our fingers, counting different amounts of objects and learning that the last number we say is the amount we have

25th September to 6th October

  • We will be singing the songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Humpty Dumpty. We will be listening for words that sound the same at the end and explore how to make a rhyming string, eg. cat, hat, sat.
  • We will learn about the 2-D shapes trianglesquare and circle and how to recognise them when we go on shape hunts.
  • We will look carefully at ourselves in the mirror. We will talk about ourselves and our friends, exploring what makes us the same or different. We will have the opportunity to create a self-portrait to display in our classroom. To help us talk about ourselves we will be singing the song Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
  • We will be learning about our feelings through the story The Colour Monster. We will be sharing what makes us happy, sad and angry.