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Curriculum Learning Pathway

Learning Focus 


At Blagrave Nursery we follow a two or three week teaching and learning cycle. Below you will find what we are currently learning.

    Learning Focus 3rd to 14th June

    • We will be learning all about different types of vehicles this month, starting with Emergency Vehicles, cars, trucks and trains.
    • Our focus story will be The Journey Home from Grandpas/ We will be making a story road map for this story and our own story maps based on stories we know or our journeys to places.
    • We will be comparing, sorting and counting vehicles and finding out how we can make a vehicle travel further.
    • We will learn about road safety and how to keep safe near a road as well as what the different emergency services to help us.

    Learning Focus 7th May to 23rd May 

    • We will be learning the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, focusing on retelling the story in the correct order. We will learn how and why we need to take care of books and having a go at making our own Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

    • We will use the story to help us learn more about the life cycle of a butterfly.

    • We will be thinking about healthy food and why some of the food the Caterpillar ate gave him a stomach ache.

    • We will be learning about the Minibeasts that live in our local environment, looking for similarities and differences between them and using numbers to help us match and sort.  

    • We will be thinking about how we can take care of insects and their habitats in the natural world.



    Learning Focus 15th April to 3rd May

    • We will be learning the story Jack and Beanstalk and will think about how we can change key parts of the story. We will learn how and why we need to take care of books and having a go at making our own books.
    • We will be exploring counting games, looking at magic beans and beanstalk to help us learn to compare and count different amounts and match amounts to numbers.
    • We will begin planting our own seeds and exploring how we can help a seed to grow in to a plant, as we watch it grow.
    • We will be exploring how different artist create art work inspired by sunflowerw and think about how we could create our own sunflower art work.